Personal Loan

Loan facility is suitably for purpose of purchasing daily facilities such as equipment, furniture or housing utensil, education fee and others.

Loan term
  • Up to 60 months.
Interest rate
  • Starting at 0.91% per month or 11% per years.
Type of collateral
  • Hard title deed
  • Certificate of fixed deposit
Loan to collateral value
  • Up to 70% of collateral value which is hard land title deed;
  • Up to 100% of collateral value which is fixed deposit amount.
Loan amount
  • Starting from LAK 20,000,000 or USD 2,000 equivalent
Bank service charge and collateral evaluation fee
  • Bank service charge: 1% of approved limit (one time off);
  • Collateral evaluation fee: 1% of approved limit (one time off).
Repayment method
  • Equal monthly principals plus interests declining;
  • Fixed monthly installment (principals + interests);
  • Other repayment method is negotiable in accordance with a mutual consent basis between the Bank and borrower.
Other condition(s)
  • Borrower may be required to buy insurance (if necessary)
Required documents
  • Borrower’s identification documents: copied valid national ID card/or passport, family book, current residence certificate (original), employee ID card or government ID card.
  • Collateral documents: copied hard title of subject collateral, copied certificate of fixed deposit (if any), sale-purchase agreement/deposit agreement of subject collateral (evidence to proof deposit of collateral) and construction permit (if any).
  • Financial documents:
    • For employee or government official: monthly salary certificate/employment certificate/pay slip, bank statement, utility bill.
    • For business owner: financial report of 3 month, financial report previously 2 years, Quotation (if any), purchase order, invoice, receipt, lease agreement (if any) and utility bill.
  • Legal documents: copied business permit/business license (if any), copied tax registration certificate (if any), annul tax payment receipt (if any).
  • Miscellaneous documents as per requirement of the Bank (if any).


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